Louise has travelled a lot of the world with work having had projects take her throughout much of Europe and as far afield as LA and HongKong. The daily magazine show she hosts for DWTV covers all lifestyle topics from fashion to food and art to adventure travel.

Louise studied Nutrition at the Open University and her passion for food and nutrition is apparent in her foodblog on instagram. She has a food TV show in development with top Michelin starred chefs and is developing her own healthy snacking brand.

Living Life to the full is what Louise loves to do best so whether it is exploring her own city or other pockets of the world, Louise is always active and happy to try something new.



  • Club des Chefs Show

    For the 4th year running, Louise will be in Berlin at IFA cooking up a storm with some of her favourite international chefs. Chef Michael Troisgros and his team will be demonstrating the latest in Samsung kitchen equipment by cooking an exquisite lunch for visitors on stage.


    Louise will be in Cologne on 12th and 13th September hosting the annual Dmexco. This will be the hotspot of the Digiconomy at this time. The leading thinkers of the digital economy will be coming here from all over the world in order to present and discuss the latest trends and innovations. Visitors can ...

  • Digital Communication Awards 2018

    September 28th will see the 7th annual Digital Communication Awards. These prestigious accolades honour outstanding projects, campaigns and innovations in the field of online communications. The final deadline for entries is June 21st, so get your entries in and see you in Berlin for a spectacular night. I’m so excited to be hosting the ...

  • The Winemakers of Paso Robles

    Are you a wine lover? Would you like to know more about the stories behind the bottle? From planting the seeds, to nurturing the vineyards, to harvesting the grapes, fermenting them, designing the bottle labels and all the gossip in between? Louise has been working with Cellar Media (a branch of Deviants) to create ...

  • Back in the Studio

    Louise will be back in the studio presenting all the latest lifestyle news from around Europe in September and October. DWTV’s show, Euromaxx is available to watch internationally. Check out the website to see where to find it in your country. Alternatively you can watch it online Louise’s dates are 17th-22nd September and 1st-5th ...



  • The Breakdown Season 2

    Louise is working with SPAsigma promoting their courses on negotiations and the Myers Briggs personality type awareness method. The courses are designed to help businesses progress and grow by using these techniques. The first episodes of the second season were shot in February with a new look and some hilarious topics of discussion. They ...

  • William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

    I am so pleased to announce that I am joining the Voiceover team at WME talent agency. For all inquiries please contact Cody Irizarry +1 310.859.4017

  • Festivities on Euromaxx

    Christmas of 2017, Louise was back in the Euromaxx studio enjoying the festivities that Berlin and the reports had to offer. Keep your eyes open for when she will be back in 2018.

  • Voice Recognition

    This spring I have been working with Fortr3ss – a voice identification and password management solution. No more forgotten passwords, your unique voice can unlock the sites you need to get into without any hassle.  You will see my face on their website and brochures in the coming months.

  • Beach Body On Demand

    The start of the year is a great time to motivate yourself to get fit and I had the pleasure of working with Beach Body on their latest ‘on demand’ content. Doing sit ups and getting paid for it is great!!