Louise has many clients in the Technological and Scientific Industries. She can be seen hosting awards ceremonies, festivals, press conferences, product launches and moderating for a number of different clients at Forums and exhibitions. Whether it is giving speeches, interviewing, managing panel discussions or congratulating winners, Louise is professional, warm and a truly engaging presenter to watch.

Having prepared scripts and lengthy stage presentations, managed panel discussions, punctually connected to live feeds from across the world and conducted a number of interviews and introductions to audiences in their thousands, Louise has the skills to take on any live event successfully. Regular clients in this field include Samsung, Daimler and the European Space agency.

Louise has over 5 years experience of working as a broadcast journalist for DWTV – an international German broadcaster. With her open persona and engaging clear standard english voice she is in demand with companies around the world.



  • Digital Communication Awards

    Louise will be hosting the Digital Communication Awards for the 3rd year running on 29th September in Berlin. The Digital Communication Awards honour outstanding projects, campaigns and innovations in the field of online communications. For more info click on the link



  • The Slanted Lens

    An online show designed to offer tips to budding photographers. Each week they release a new video and Louise stepped in to help shoot two videos coming soon to THE SLANTED LENS  (The link will take you to the show)

  • Saying Goodbye to the Brandenburg Gate

     At Studio 4a, with a backdrop of Brandenburg Gate, Louise hosted the final shows of Euromaxx before the 12 year old show takes on a whole new look back in the main house at DWTV. Pictures of Kristina Sterz

  • Leadership 2020

    Since January 2016, Louise has been working for DAIMLER on their new Leadership initiative. This May sees the annual get together of all the board members, management and people involved in the project as they begin to implement a new way to shape the future of the company.

  • DRONE ACTION – Spring 2017

    Louise had the pleasure of working with Redline Aerospace and CBS Digital. As part of new pilot for CW network, Redline were hired to fly a drone and capture plate images that will replace the blue screen on set and act as the view from a military helicopter. This is a huge process, which took ...