Louise has been working as a broadcast journalist for DWTV for 5 years, writing and hosting their daily live show called Euromaxx. Music is a big passion for Louise. She has always had a natural ear for Rhythm and has taught herself how to play the guitar. Louise is now glad to join the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney as a leftie!

A few of the shows she worked on included a music quiz show called “Music Tree” and a classical music based chat show called “Classy”. Louise has also worked at Festivals around the UK but thinks that there is nowhere better to chat to bands that on the top of a building with the city’s skyline as a backdrop. This is the essence of ‘Balcony TV: Music Sessions’. It gives the audience music with a view. The web channel has been running since 2006 and is produced in over 60 cities around the world. For the first time though, Louise and her team brought the show to TV with a commission from LONDONLIVE – the UK Independent newspaper’s new channel that launched on 31st March 2015. Louise is now hosting sessions with Balcony TV LA and is grateful for not having to consider the weather in quite the same way!



  • Music with a View

    Louise hosts for Balcony TV  LA every month so keep your eye on their website or social channels to see the latest videos drop.




    Louise will be back in Berlin and in the new studio designed for Euromaxx in 2018. Keep you eyes peeled for dates and find out all the latest lifestyle news from around Europe on the show.



  • The Breakdown Season 2

    Louise is working with SPAsigma promoting their courses on negotiations and the Myers Briggs personality type awareness method. The courses are designed to help businesses progress and grow by using these techniques. The first episodes of the second season were shot in February with a new look and some hilarious topics of discussion. Nearly ...

  • William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

    I am so pleased to announce that I am joining the Voiceover team at WME talent agency. For all inquiries please contact Cody Irizarry +1 310.859.4017

  • Festivities on Euromaxx

    Christmas of 2017, Louise was back in the Euromaxx studio enjoying the festivities that Berlin and the reports had to offer. Keep your eyes open for when she will be back in 2018.

  • Elephants the Movie Q & A Wales, UK

    Following a successful screening in LA, Elephants had a screening in Cardiff, Wales, where Gianluca Malacrino, a principal actor and co producer grew up. 2018 kicked off with another well received screening which was followed by a Q&A, hosted by me, for a large audience at the city’s Cineworld theatre.

  • LA screening Q&A

    The eagerly awaited debut film from Alex Hanno, Luca Malacrino and Sam Lancaster was released in the fall of 2017. A romantic dramedy set in modern day LA after Lee Riley, returns to his ex following three years in prison. It was a pleasure to gain more of an insight into the development of the ...